Why traditional forms of networking don’t work

Networking has never really been my thing. And I could never quite figure out why… I mean I LOVE people. I love TALKING to people and hearing their stories. I enjoy meeting new people and forming lasting relationships. I like helping people and suggesting ideas. And I love to collaborate with people who hold common

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Share a space with us!

In April, we moved into our new office space at the top of Denham Street. What we love most about the space is that it’s completely surrounded by nature – which is perfect for creativity and ideas! We don’t want to keep all of this goodness to ourselves though… So we’ve decided to share this beautiful space with a very special

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How to take a meaningful holiday when you own a business

I’ve put off taking a holiday while running a business… well… since I’ve owned a business. Sure, I’ve taken small, weekly trips here and there but I’ve never carved out a block of time – four weeks to be exact – away from my baby. The truth is, you don’t think anyone can operate your

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A sneak peek of our new mural & our secret recipe to creative success!

If you followed us on Instagram or Facebook last week you would have picked up some hints that we ‘painted’ our office mural. And by ‘painted’ I mean we covered up the office in plastic sheets and threw buckets of colourful paint at a wall!!! Yikes!! It was exhilarating, exciting, fun, and very playful (not

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Protected: Join Our Team

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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DESIGN TRENDS: What’s been and what’s coming

As designers, it goes without saying that we need to be on the front foot with all kinds of trends; from architecture and interiors to fashion and what’s happening online. This is because they collectively meld into what’s trending in the graphic design world too! Just like those baggy 90’s t-shirts, trends in the design

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Don’t let your logo bully you

Today, I had a moment with a client I’ll never forget. This client has just sold a very successful business of hers and is moving into a new business venture. We were in a brand consultation; talking excitedly about branding ideas for her new (super cool) business venture and she mentioned that while running her previous business,

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Five SUPER SIMPLE daily habits for 2015

Um, 2014 — where did you go!!?? Does anyone else feel like the last few months of 2014 struck faster than lightning? I certainly do! In my recovery from that blur, I’ve been thinking about the important daily habits and routines that kept me sane throughout the rest of the year—that incidentally dropped off my

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Tricks of the trade: Review your logo

When I first started my career as a graphic designer, I was eager to learn all the tricks of the trade. I would watch the other designers in the studio curiously; taking in the conversations they would have day-to-day with clients and seeing how they would turn a problem around so it would have a

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3 tips on getting your logo design right from the get-go

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… And once you hear it you’ll think it’s so obvious.  However it’s the one thing that often goes awry when new businesses are coming up with and/or designing their logo. The secret is all in the way your business’s branding and logo is TALKING to

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