Your brand’s PERSON-ality!

Have you ever looked at someone’s brand and thought, ‘Man, that business has got their sh#% together! How did they do that? How does their brand look so polished and so uniquely them!?’ The reason they ‘have it all together’ is because they’ve thought about their brand as a ‘whole’ persona. Successful brands know that

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Clear your mind. Make a list!

Confession time: I love lists. I write at least three lists in a day for all sorts of different things. At the start of everyday, you’ll find me writing a list of tasks and projects I need to complete (and in what order of importance).  I’ll also often write a list for the groceries I

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How we use Pinterest

I dare say many people have probably heard of Pinterest. For some, you’re already avid users and you need no convincing whatsoever. For others, while you may have heard of Pinterest, you don’t yet have an account and aren’t yet privy to the phenomenon. If you fall into the latter group, allow me to give

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Choosing the ideal name for your business

So, you’ve got a great business concept and now you’re at the point of nutting out the details… How will I go about marketing my business? Where should I be based? Will I need a website? One of the most important things you’ll be asking yourself is, ‘What should my business be named?’ When considering

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To pay or not to pay: Free vs. commercially licensed fonts

I’m a designer. I get a little fanatical over certain things. One of those things is fonts. Recently, I purchased a license for the most beautiful font for a project I was working on. I was understandably pretty excited about this purchase and found myself gushing over dinner as I explained to my friends all

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